Telecommunications Infrastructure

We are continuously expanding our Fiber Optic infrastructures in strategic sectors of the country. Our expansion plans cover those disconnected regions of the nation and we integrate the public and private sectors to take advantage of the Internet and the new telecommunications era.

Data Transport

We understand the importance of consolidating a robust platform for data transmission through all sectors of the country, allowing greater security and better use of information.

Internet Wholesale Service

We have the most advanced international broadband access solution that currently reaches the Dominican coasts.

CHT Holdings Dominicana offers a state-of-the-art service at disruptive costs to promote access to information and communication technologies.

Data Center

In Q1-2019, CHT Holdings Dominicana will inaugurate its first Tier IV Data Center in the Dominican Republic.

Our Data Center is the first step of a major vision that will consolidate the new Silicon Valley of the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic. More than 200,000 square meters of innovation, cybersecurity, education, entrepreneurship, technology and passion to build a better nation and a better world.